1. Google Analytics Setup(Urchin)

2. Google Sitemap
make a xml file and add it in the FTP
then go to next step
make another file from google email account and add it also to the FTP
then last step is to verify in the google email account

3. Yahoo Sitemap
A sitemap is simply a list of the URLs of your site in the form of a text file. These can then be submitted to search engines to notify them that all the pages exist and by doing so invites their spiders to visit.
Sitemaps are beneficial in situations when it is difficult for users to access all areas of a website through the browseable interface.
The Yahoo Sitemap is a simple text document that lists all valid URLs on your website. This document is designed to help Yahoo web crawlers.
Along with the global search engine optimization websites, we need to work for local search engine optimization also. You can view the link below to know more about the local search engine optimization.http://web-marketing.smartads.info/2005/local-search-optimization.html
STEP 1: Create a text file (e.g. sitemap.txt) containing a list of your URL's, with one URL per
line. If you have a site with hundreds or even thousands of pages, Yahoo! also recognizes
compressed versions of this file (e.g. sitemap.gz).Once created, upload this file to your domain
root (e.g. wwwyourdomain.com/sitemap.txt).
STEP 2: Log into Yahoo!'s Free Submit page with your Yahoo! ID and Password at:

4. Yahoo Local
Yahoo local is the local search which is area/location specific and by submitting the website in this search the website will be shown in the local search results also. It’s very important to submit the website in the local search for the better listing result from location point of view.

Submission to the yahoo local is of two types, one is free listing and the other is paid/enhance listing which is for $9.95/mo. We will submit the website in free listing. In the free listing yahoo local offers five (5) page web site that one can specially make with your logo, text and links to other sites.

5. Google Local