SEO Details
1. Submissions to search Engines and Directories:
Submission of website to Dmoz, Google, Yahoo, Technorati, and MSN search engines. Submission of website in directories manually.
2. Google Sitemap and Yahoo Sitemap:
Sitemap is a simple text document that lists all valid URLs on your website. This document is designed to help Yahoo and Google crawlers.
- Submit sitemap file
- Specify your preferred domain
- Robots.txt file validation
- Validate and resolve crawl errors through Diagnostics
- Validate and resolve indexing violations
- Submit Website
- Submit Site Feed
- XML Format Protocol
a. Create Google sitemap XML file.
b. Upload the new sitemap to the website.
c. Submit Sitemap to Google
d. Create a Yahoo Sitemap xml file
e. Uploading the new sitemap to the website.
f. Submit your Sitemap to Yahoo.
3. Ping (New Add):

services like Pingomatic (there are numerous others too) will ping a variety of websites for you to notify them that you’ve updated. In doing so you’ll also be letting search engines know that you’ve updated which will trigger their robots to come visit your blog. I’d also suggest pinging Google’s blog search tool.
a. Search Ping websites and submit information.

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